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We are an independent solar consultants for C.R.E.W.  CREW is an customer acquisition company who has partnered with Solar Site Design who provides a market place for our customers so they get the best value when requesting a solar system.  We also work with several financing companies for the financing.
Through CREW, commercial solar is simple, fast, and can save you a small fortune to your bottom line. Discover how much you can save. You will be pleasantly surprised.
CREW’s partner has deep experience in commercial solar electricity projects. This experience enables us to engineer out of the buying process of the many steps and constraints that make these projects long, complex, and frustrating experiences.
Solar Site Design’s new Solar Marketplace for commercial properties gives you exclusive access to the best price for a commercial solar system.
First, our commercial solar analysts work with you to understand your budget. That’s why we send you a free Feasibility Base Case Plan (including a drawing) for your property.
All we need is your address, the name of your utility and 12 months of utility bills. If the estimate fits within your desired budget, our team gets to work on designing and pricing out your system for you.
Let us do it for you. We work on your behalf to enforce your project’s guaranteed maximum price. We leverage our existing relationships within the solar industry (over a decade in the
making) to ensure you get the best price on the equipment and labor. Solar Site Design’s marketplace only accepts installers who are reputable, experienced, certified (NABCEP), licensed, bonded & insured.

Your Local Solar Experts

Mary Ellen Crawford

Solar Consultant for C.R.E.W.

Maryellen is a native Texan and graduate from Texas Woman's University. She brings with her many years of experience in commercial property as a former commercial insurance agent.

Gary Crawford

Solar Consultant for C.R.E.W.

Gary is a native Texan and attended Brigham Young University Idaho.